Rifle SNIPEX 14.5 is a semi-automatic large-caliber weapon, the main function of which is long-range target shooting.

The bullpup design, where the action is located behind the trigger group, was developed with ultimately easy operation and maximally available maintenance system in mind.

Tight barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt.

During loading the cartridge is placed into the magazine opening by open breech.

Schneller-type trigger system makes sight shooting easier.

The rifle is designed exclusively for shooting resting and, to that end, is fitted with folding bipods and an additional support under the buttstock.


Acceptable recoil when shooting

Recoil reduction is achieved due to an original design, and the rifle does not create any unpleasant load for the shooter.

Free-floating barrel, gun carriage system
  • free-floating barrel, gun carriage system


total length1870 mm*
barrel length1320 mm
number of grooves8
muzzle velocity1000 m/s
effective range5000 m**
shooting rangeup to 7000 m
weight30 kg***
  • Breechblock mechanism:

    rotating bolt

  • Reloading type:

    manual (automatic case ejection)

  • * including a muzzle brake

  • ** estimated

  • *** with bipods without sights


Warranty service 3 years

Warranty service: three years.

Full technical maintenance for the whole service life of the weapon.