Developed for hitting moving and non-moving targets, including lightly armored ones.

Designed taking into account all the requirements for weapons for high-precision shooting.

Accuracy is ensured by the floating barrel, which is in free recoil during the shot. Accuracy is also affected by some design features.

The rifle demonstrates an acceptable level of recoil during shooting. Recoil is suppressed due to the four- or five-chamber muzzle brake, the effect of a recoil isolator, short recoil, and optimally balanced weight.

The rifle has the bullpup design: the bolt carrier group is located behind the trigger. Barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt. 13 bolt lugs are disposed in three rows and ensure rigid locking of the barrel. During loading, the cartridge is inserted into the breech opening with the bolt open.

The rifle has a height-adjustable cheek rest, a Picatinny rail, and a foldable bipod. The bipod is mounted on a support that slides along the barrel.

The additional rear support is adjustable, provides for the possibility of precise adjustment.

The rifle has a carry handle.

The cheek rest, butt plate, and handles are made of modern wear-resistant polymer materials.

The surface of the rifle is covered with a special Сerakote weapon paint.

The rifle is easy to disassemble and maintain.


Acceptable level of recoil during shooting

Recoil is suppressed due to the muzzle brake, the effect of a recoil isolator, short recoil, and optimally balanced weight.

recoil isolator
muzzle brake
recoil isolator
muzzle brake
Rotating bolt

Rotating bolt

Simple and reliable method of reloading, so called bolt-action rifle.

Reliable safety

Reliable safety

The rifle has a safety button.

Snipex bipod

Snipex bipod

The rifle is elevated on the bipod (the barrel axis is located below the mounting points of the bipod).

Rear support

Rear support

The rifle is equipped with a specially designed rear support (monopod) that provides for the possibility of precise adjustment.

Optical mount (optional)

Optical mount (optional)

Reliable all-metal optical sight mount with the landing ring diameter of 35 mm. Designed and manufactured specifically for large caliber loads.

Ручка для перенесення

Carry handle

Handle designed to carry the rifle directly on the firing line. Has an ergonomic shape, is made of modern ultra-wear-resistant materials.

SNIPEX 14,5X114


mass, kg22.5
overall length (assembled), mm1,830
barrel length, mm1,200
Picatinny railUpper Mil standard
muzzle velocity, m/s1,000
effective range, m3,000
maximum range, m7,000


Warranty service 3 years

Warranty service: three years.

Full technical maintenance for the whole service life of the weapon.