Sighting device SN 100 with adjustments up to 100 mil for quick long-range shooting.

Rail SN 100 is a sighting device for small arms, in particular, for those with great firing range (up to 4,000 m).

Designed for increasing the elevation angle of a fixed telescopic sight relative to the barrel of the weapon. Allows to change the elevation angle of the back sight by a certain amount which, in turn, impacts the characteristics of shooting precision and range of a gun.

The rail has a row of 11 bores with a 10 mil spacing; these bores help to make adjustments from 0 mil to 100 mil.

Therefore, if you install any sighting device with a 10 mil reticule onto the SN 100 rail, you will be able to make quick adjustments and shift the target from 100 m to 4,000 m. Using this rail allows to forgo expensive sighting devices and make do with cheaper versions without losing any aiming accuracy.

The mount allows to install telescopic and red-dot sights, tactical lights, laser designators and other types of special equipment onto small arms.

The sighting device has been patented.

Warranty: 5 years.


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