Rifle SNIPEX М100 is a large-caliber weapon, the main function of which is long-range (100–2,200 m) target shooting. The rifle is very easy to operate and has an affordable maintenance system.

The weapon has the bullpup design, where the bolt carrier group is located behind the trigger.

Empty cases are ejected automatically when pulling the bolt back.

The bolt design is patented. The reloading process is delayed, which allows the bullet to leave the barrel with the breech still fully closed. This allows providing maximum power to the bullet. Light trigger. The rifle has a safety lock to prevent accidental discharge.

The barrel is 1,000 mm in length. The barrel length provides fuller combustion of explosive gases and considerable muzzle velocity — 830 m/s.

The barrel has grooves. This enlarges the barrel surface area and improves its cooling. The barrel is fully open and has eight right grooves with a 15-inch twist, equipped with the muzzle brake or regular noise absorber (option).

Shooting is maximally comfortable and does not create any unpleasant load for the shooter. Recoil reduction is achieved due to the originally designed inertia recoil system, which includes moving spring-loaded assemblies, hydraulic damper and a spring system of the recoil absorber. The recoil absorber is built into the upper receiver, which allows to shoot with the upper receiver set against a surface (sandbags, natural footing, small dimension slot). Recoil energy is partially reduced due to the muzzle brake.

For shooting resting, the rifle М100 is equipped with bipods and an additional rear support. The rifle is elevated on the bipods (barrel axis is located below the mounting points of the bipods). Rifle stability during shooting is one of the most important factors, which provide shooting accuracy. The bipods are collapsible, which ensures convenient transportation.

The specially designed additional rear support provides rough (lever) and precise (screw) adjustment.

The rife has two Picatinny rails. The top rail with a 35 MOA gradient is located along the whole upper receiver length, which allows to set up a sight, various front sight devices (night vision device, thermal scope), rear sight and foresight, which can be dismounted.

The bottom rail is used for additional equipment: flashlight, extra bipods to fix the rail, laser illumination etc.

For comfortable rifle transportation, a handle can be attached to the rails.

A buttstock block, Picatinny rails, upper receiver, bipod legs and the body of the trigger and firing mechanism are made of special structural aluminum alloys with increased strength.

The rifle can be optionally equipped with the aluminum muzzle brake.

The rifle has no handguard.

A shoulder butt pad, a cheek rest, an operating rod handle and a potato grip are made of modern ergonomic materials resistant to environmental factors.

Item weight (14.3 kg) is optimal for the most convenient functioning. The rifle can be modified with a chrome-plated barrel, chrome-plated parts of the bolt carrier group, as well as titanium body parts (weight — 13.6 kg). If the weight has priority for the user, it can be decreased to 12.5 kg.

Extra durable Cerakote coating is applied to the rifle.


Low-level recoil when shooting

Recoil reduction is achieved due to the originally designed inertia recoil system, which includes moving spring-loaded assemblies, and a spring system of the recoil absorber.

free-floating barrel
  • free-floating barrel
recoil spring guide assembly
  • recoil absorber
muzzle brake
  • muzzle brake
Rotating bolt with delay

Rotating bolt with delay

Simple and reliable method of reloading. Automatic case ejection together with the short-recoil mechanism make reloading easier and increase the firing rate. The patented bolt design with reloading delay minimizes barrel vibration during shooting and allows additional accuracy.

Trigger safety, quick readiness to shooting

Reliable safety

Quick readiness to shooting.

Increased stability during shooting

Increased stability during shooting

The rifle is elevated on the bipods (barrel axis is located below mounting points of the bipods), which guarantees stability and, correspondingly, accuracy during shooting.

Rotating bolt with delay

Additional support

The M100 rifle is equipped with an additional rear support of a special design, which allows for a rough and precise adjustment.
1 - crude adjustment lever.
2 - Precise adjustment screw.

SNIPEX M100 12.7×108


total length1,510 mm*
barrel length1,000 mm
number of grooves8
muzzle velocity840 m/s
effective range2,200 m**
shooting range3,000 m
weight14.3 / 13.6 kg***
  • Breechblock mechanism:

    rotating bolt

  • Reloading type:

    manual (automatic case ejection)

  • * including a muzzle brake

  • ** estimated

  • *** with bipods without sights


Warranty service 3 years

Warranty service: three years.

Full technical maintenance for the whole service life of the weapon.