Snipex Gun Conserving Grease

Gun Conserving Grease. Contains REVITALIZANT®

Used for conserving and lubricating the arms before storage. Reliably protects the arms from corrosion even if stored outdoors for a long time. It is used for small and large caliber rifled and smooth bore arms of all types (hunting, sporting, fighting and pneumatic etc.).

Recommended for taking care of arms after shooting and preparing them for storage.


  • Allows quick preparation for extended storage;
  • Possesses high penetrability and quickly gets to all parts of the arms;
  • Special inhibiting components of the grease neutralize aggressive action of the scale particles left after cleaning;
  • Due to the presence of the REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent, it keeps the barrel surface in top condition;
  • Does not contain alkali, it is neutral towards plastics, wood, painted and lacquered surfaces and bluing.

Application instructions

  • Clean the gun;
  • Shake the can well;
  • Spray on all parts and mechanisms of the gun.


aerosol can 200 ml Art. XS 30002