A new muzzle brake developed specially for large-caliber Snipex rifles. Demonstrates better performance when compared to classic muzzle brakes.

ELIMINATOR not only significantly reduces recoil due to the original design, but also increases the accuracy of shooting.

This reactive-type multi-chamber muzzle brake arranged according to the 4+1 formula is our own development. Four main chambers of the muzzle brake as well as an additional compensatory chamber are made in the form of a de Laval nozzle, which according to the laws of gas dynamics provides maximum efficiency.

During the shot, the main flow of powder gases moves in the opposite direction from the shot. Thus, the powder gases do not outrun the bullet and do not affect its trajectory. This creates additional forward thrust, and the gases have a beneficial effect of reducing recoil. The muzzle brake consists of two parts fastened with screws. Such design allows achieving maximum efficiency while simultaneously decreasing the mass and dimensions of the muzzle brake.

The ELIMINATOR SN-MBR01 muzzle brake is connected to the barrel via the М 27×2R thread. For improved reliability, the muzzle brake is additionally secured with four bolts.

  • Material: steel
  • Caliber: 12.7×108, 12.7×99, .50 BMG
  • Thread: 27×2R