Rifles Snipex MSA (Military Semi Automat series). Barrel length: 750; 850; 1,000; 1,100 and 1,200 mm.

The weapon has the bullpup design, where the bolt carrier group is located behind the trigger. The rifle has short recoil. The lever accelerator ensures the automatics operation. Barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt.

Own-produced barrel. Barrel quality provides shooting accuracy of at least 0.5 MOA. Barrel operation life — 5,000 shots. The rifle is equipped with the Picatinny rail. The most critical parts of the rifle are chrome-plated to ensure the maximum service life and reliability. Extra durable Cerakote coating is applied to the rifle.


Comfortable shooting

Acceptable recoil level when shooting. Recoil reduction is achieved due to the original design so that recoil does not create any unpleasant load for the shooter. Considerable part of the recoil energy is used to actuate the automatic reloading system. Free-floating barrel, gun carriage system.

free-floating barrel
  • free-floating barrel
recoil absorber
  • recoil absorber
muzzle brake
  • muzzle brake
Rotating bolt with delay

Rotating bolt

Barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt.

Trigger safety, quick readiness to shooting

Lever to remove the bolt from the rearward position

For extra cooling of the barrel.

Increased stability during shooting

Increased stability during shooting

The rifle is designed for shooting resting and, to that end, is fitted with collapsible bipods and an additional adjustable rear support under the buttstock.

Additional support

Additional support

The rifle Snipex MSA is equipped with a specially designed additional rear support, which provides the possibility of adjustment.

SNIPEX M75 12.7×108


caliber.50 BMG; 12.7×108; 14.5×114
total length1,260; 1,360; 1,510; 1,610; 1,710 mm
barrel length750; 850; 1,000; 1,100; 1,200 mm
number of grooves8
muzzle velocityfrom 780 to 900 m/s*
effective rangeup to 2,200 m (12.7) / 3,000 (14.5) m*
shooting range3,000 m (12.7) / 5,000 (14.5) m*
weightfrom 15 to 20 kg**
  • *depends on the cartridge type and barrel length

  • **depends on the caliber, barrel length and materials


Warranty service 3 years

Warranty service: three years.

Full technical maintenance for the whole service life of the weapon.