"AMC MAXIMUM for Powerful High-Loaded Engines of Naval Ships is an innovative multicomponent product from the MILITARY series, specially developed for application in powerful high-loaded engines of all types of vessels. Guarantees restoration and repair of marine engines with noncritical wear and their active protection directly during the operation of naval ships and other strategic military vessels. It is absolutely safe for use in all types of gasoline, LPG, and diesel engines of vessels.

Compatible with all types of motor oils; contains atomic metal conditioner, 2D sliding agent, and complex adaptive REVITALIZANT®.

After the engine undergoes a full cycle of treatment, in case of an emergency oil leakage, it is possible to operate the engine with minimum load for 1 hour without loss of performance.


  • Restores worn-out metal of the engine parts by forming a ceramic-metal coating.
  • Increases engine power and acceleration capability.
  • Levels and increases compression and maximum combustion pressure in cylinders.
  • Restores oil pressure to nominal values.
  • Improves lubricating properties of oil as well as strength and wear resistance of friction surfaces of parts.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and increases the engine service life.

Application instructions

  1. Warm up the engine to the operating temperature and turn it off.
  2. Warm up the can with the product to +25…40 °C.
  3. Vigorously shake the can and introduce its contents into the lubrication system through the oil filler neck. For optimal effect, it should be introduced into fresh or uncontaminated motor oil.
  4. Close the oil filler neck and start the engine.
  5. Idle the engine for 5–8 minutes, then operate it as usual without overloads.
  6. A full treatment cycle makes 300 hours of total operation of the engine.
  7. Repeated preventive treatment of engines operating under extreme conditions is recommended after 2,000 hours of total operation.


One 950 ml can is enough to treat an engine with an oil system capacity of 25–45 L.

950 ml - can, box