SNIPEX AMC MAXIMUM for Transmissions of Heavy Military Equipment

AMC MAXIMUM for Transmissions of Heavy Military Equipment is an innovative multicomponent product from the MILITARY series, specially developed for application in manual transmission units of heavy-loaded military equipment, which is operated under extreme conditions and does not have parts with critical wear: all types of gearboxes (including Direct Shift, synchronized, and sequential ones), differentials, transfer cases, power takeoff reducers, final drives, and steering gears.

Contains atomic metal conditioner, 2D sliding agent, and complex adaptive REVITALIZANT®. Compatible with all types of transmission oils and hydraulic fluids. Neutral towards any seals in transmissions units.

After the transmission undergoes a full cycle of treatment, in case of an emergency oil leakage, it is possible to operate the transmission units with minimum load for up to 15 hours or 500 km of run.


  • Eliminates the traces of mechanical wear (pits, microscuffs, scratches, and corrosion spots) on the contact patterns of gears.
  • Optimizes contact patterns in gear engagements.
  • Reduces noise and vibration in transmission units.
  • Increases gear-shifting precision.
  • Extends the service life of manual transmissions.

Application instructions

  1. Introduce the contents of the syringe into the oil filler neck of the transmission unit warmed up to the operating temperature.
  2. Operate the transmission for 7–10 minutes with minimum load.
  3. Afterwards, operate the mechanism in regular mode.


One 50 ml syringe is enough to treat a transmission unit with an oil system capacity of 10–25 L.

50 ml syringe, box