SNIPEX TOTAL CLEANER for Barrels of Artillery-Type Weapons

Product from the MILITARY series for safe and thorough cleaning of barrel bores of military cannons and large-caliber artillery weapons.

An extremely effective agent for gentle chemical and mechanical cleaning of the inner surface of the barrel bores of military large-caliber weapons, cannons, and mortars from copper fouling, residues of nonferrous metals and their alloys, and other contaminants.

After using the product, the residual contaminants are easily and completely removed with a cloth or a soft bore brush.


  • In a short time (20–30 minutes), dissolves deposits of soft nonferrous metals and their alloys inside the bore.
  • Safe and chemically inert to ferrous metals and any coatings of the bore; selectively dissolves copper, brass, lead, and other types of fouling.
  • Softens carbon deposits, powder residue, and other contaminants in the bore, which then can be easily removed by using any wiping material.
  • Recommended for regular cleaning of weapons, even in the field.
  • Effectively protects against corrosion.

Application instructions

  1. Prepare the barrel for cleaning.
  2. Apply the product on the surface of the bore using a soft brush.
  3. After 20–30 minutes, remove residual contaminants with a clean cloth.
  4. If the barrel is heavily contaminated, repeat the treatment.
  5. After cleaning, treat the barrel with grease (SNIPEX MILITARY Universal Gun Oil or SNIPEX MILITARY Gun Conserving Grease).

5,000 ml jerry can, box