Applied for cleaning and lubricating all types of small- and large caliber rifled and smoothbore weapons, protects them against corrosion.

  • Has high penetrating ability, quickly reaches all parts of the weapon mechanism.
  • Easily and effectively cleans weapon parts from fouling, soot, powder residue, and other types of contaminants.
  • Creates a reliable oil film on the surfaces and effectively protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Maintains fluidity at temperatures up to –60 °С and ensures excellent mobility of parts of the firing mechanism in the cold.
  • Alkali-free; neutral towards plastic, wood, bluing, painted and varnished surfaces.

Recommended as a universal neutral product to take care of small arms.

Application instructions

Shake the can. Spray onto all parts and mechanisms of the weapon during cleaning and subsequent lubrication.


Mineral oil, hydrotreated hydrocarbon solvent, hydrocarbon propellant gas.

Shelf life

5 years.


100 ml, 300 ml.