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RHINO HUNTER is a single-shot large-caliber rifle with automatic case ejection.

Civilian, hunting and sports version of the Snipex M rifle. Caliber: .50 BMG.

Developed for hitting moving and non-moving targets, including at long distances (up to 2,000 m).

The rifle has the bullpup design, i.e., the bolt carrier group is located behind the trigger.

The barrel is fully open, has 8 right grooves with a 15-inch twist as well as cannelures. Equipped with a muzzle brake. The barrel quality provides shooting accuracy of not worse than 1 MOA.

Barrel locking is achieved through a rotating bolt. 13 bolt lugs are disposed in three rows and can rotate by 60 degrees, which ensures rigid locking of the barrel. The case ejection process is slightly delayed, which allows the bullet to leave the barrel with the bolt still fully closed. This transfers the maximum amount of energy to the bullet. Empty cases are ejected automatically when pulling the bolt back. The bolt design is patented.

The bolt has a special flag indicator that allows controlling the degree of bolt locking. If the bolt is open, the flag is recessed into the body; if the bolt is closed, the flag protrudes parallel to the body. Has light indication for use in the dark.

Light trigger. The rifle is equipped with a special grip safety, which is located directly above the pistol grip on both sides of the weapon.

One of the main advantages of RHINO HUNTER among large-caliber rifles is MAXIMUM COMFORT SHOOTING.

During the creation of the rifle, a whole set of special design solutions was implemented with regard to the reduction of recoil and the increase of shooting accuracy. Recoil reduction is achieved due to the inertia recoil system, which includes spring-loaded assemblies, hydraulic (optional) or spring shock absorbers. The shock absorbers are built into the upper receiver, which allows shooting with the upper receiver set against a surface. Recoil energy is partially reduced due to the muzzle brake.

The rifle is equipped with a SNIPEX bipod, which is easy to fold. It is designed so that the rifle is elevated on the bipod (the barrel axis is located below the mounting points of the bipod).

It is also possible to install a third-party bipod (with mounting on the bottom Picatinny rail). However, it is recommended to use the SNIPEX bipod, which provides additional stability and accuracy during shooting.

The specially designed additional rear support provides for the possibility of rough (ratchet rack) and precise (screw) adjustment.

The rifle has two Picatinny rails. The top rail with a 35 MOA gradient is located along the entire upper receiver length.

The rifle can be optionally equipped with a special handle for comfortable transportation.

The cheek rest, butt plate, and all handles of the rifle are made of modern wear-resistant polymer materials.

The surface of the rifle is covered with a special Сerakote weapon paint.

The rifle is easy to disassemble and maintain.


Low level of recoil during shooting

Recoil reduction is achieved due to the muzzle brake and the inertia recoil system, which includes spring-loaded assemblies and spring shock absorbers.

free-floating barrel
  • free-floating barrel
recoil spring guide assembly
  • recoil absorber
muzzle brake
  • muzzle brake
Rotating bolt

Rotating bolt

Simple and reliable method of reloading. Automatic case ejection together with short recoil make firing easier and increase its rate. The patented bolt design with reloading delay minimizes barrel vibration during shooting, which ensures additional accuracy.

Reliable safety

Reliable safety

The rifle has a grip safety. Quick readiness for shooting. Light trigger.

Snipex bipod

Snipex bipod

The rifle is elevated on the bipod (the barrel axis is located below the mounting points of the bipod), which ensures stability and, accordingly, accuracy during shooting.

Rotating bolt with delay

Additional support

TThe rifle is equipped with an additional rear support of a special design, which allows for a rough and precise adjustment.
1 - rough adjustment lever.
2 - precise adjustment screw.

Bolt lock indicator

Bolt lock indicator

Flag indicator, which indicates readiness of the rifle for the shot. If the flag doesn’t protrude completely, it indicates that the bolt is not fully closed. When the bolt is open, the flag is recessed into the body. Has light indication for use in the dark.

Optical mount (optional)

Optical mount (optional)

Reliable all-metal optical sight mount with the landing ring diameter of 35 mm. Designed and manufactured specifically for large caliber loads.



FEATURE Snipex 75 .50 BMG Snipex 100 .50 BMG
Caliber .50 BMG .50 BMG
Cartridge 12.7 x 99 12.7 x 99
Mass, kg 15.0* 16.5*
Overall length (assembled), mm 1,250** 1,505**
Barrel length, mm 750 1,000
Rifling 8/15” 8/15”
Safety + +
Picatinny rail Mil standard top rail
Optional bottom rail
Mil standard top rail
Optional bottom rail
Muzzle velocity, m/s 780 850
Effective range, m 2,000*** 2,300***
Maximum range, m 6,800 6,800
  • Breechblock mechanism:

    rotating bolt

  • Reloading type:

    manual (automatic case ejection)

  • * depending on the configuration

  • ** including a muzzle brake

  • *** estimated


Warranty service 3 years

Warranty service: three years.

Full technical maintenance for the whole service life of the weapon.

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