Rifle Bag / Shooting Mat SN-DC7501

Bag designed for carrying large-sized weapons, both disassembled and ready to fire, including with a mounted sighting device and other accessories. The bag can also be used as a mat.

Specially designed to protect the weapon from dust, dirt, and small debris during transportation and handling. Made of sturdy Cordura® nylon, which is resistant to abrasion and has water-repellent properties. A dense 10 mm polyethylene foam layer is sewn between the layers of fabric, which additionally protects the weapon and accessories from bumps and scratches.

There are special clamps, adjustable in length, for fastening the weapon. For accessories, there are elastic loops and a button pocket.

Handles and shoulder straps can be used to transport weapons in the bag.


Material Cordura 500D
Color Khaki
Length 1,570 mm
Width 350 mm
Thickness 75 mm
Mass 2,450 g
125 USD Buy