A state-of-the-art scope specially designed for shooting at extreme distances with .50 BMG rifles. It withstands horizontal loads up to 850 G (along the axis) and vertical loads up to 450 G (perpendicular to the axis).

The scope fully meets the requirements for optical devices mounted on long-range rifles. It is suitable for both hunting and high-precision firing at medium and long distances.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. The scope transmits more than 95% of light with the least image distortion. It has an extremely low level of scattering. To protect the glass from fogging, the scope is filled with inert gas.

In addition to a number of advantages, the scope has a wide elevation adjustment range of 50 MIL (172 MOA) whereas its windage adjustment range is 12 MIL (41 MOA). The adjustment drums are open. The elevation adjustment drum allows for rough and precise adjustment.

At low magnifications, the scope is convenient for dealing with moving targets, and the maximum magnification allows focusing on small targets located at extreme distances.

The scope body has a one-piece design in the form of a monotube. The landing ring diameter equals 42 mm.

To securely mount the scope on a Picatinny rail, it is recommended to use a branded quick-release monoblock, which is drilled in a single run to ensure a better fit of the scope.


Elevation adjustment drum

Elevation adjustment drum

The step of one click during rough elevation adjustment corresponds to 1 mil, and during precise adjustment — 0.1 mil.

Windage adjustment drum

Windage adjustment drum

The step of one click during windage adjustment equals 0.1 mil.



The reticle is located in the first focal plane. The figure shows the central part of the reticle.

Elevation adjustment range — 50 mil; windage adjustment range — 12 mil Scope SNIPEX GALAXY G50 6-24×56 Safe distance between the shooter’s eye and the eyepiece equals 110 mm.

SNIPEX monoblock mount

For mounting on a Picatinny rail up to 280 mm in length. Landing rings — 42 mm; base — 145 mm.
or mounting on a Picatinny rail over 280 mm in length. Landing rings — 42 mm; base — 145 mm.


Total length475 mm
Outer diameter of the objective71 mm
Scope tube diameter42 mm
Outer diameter of the eyepiece56 mm
Exit pupil diameter6× : 10.0 mm
24× : 2.5 mm
Field of view at 100 m6× : 4.05 m
24× : 1.03 m
Eye relief110 mm
Parallax adjustmentfrom 50 m
Mass2,150 g
Elevation click value, rough adjustment1 MIL Zero Stop
Elevation click value, precise adjustment0.1 MIL Zero Stop
Windage click value0.1 MIL Zero Stop
Elevation adjustment range50 MIL
Windage adjustment range12 MIL