SNIPEX TITAN 55 is an open collimator sight specially designed for use with firearms of such calibers as 12.7×108, .50 BMG, 14.5×114. In particular, it can be mounted on the SNIPEX Laska K2 machine gun (можна зробити активне посилання). Thanks to the durable aluminum body, the sight withstands horizontal loads up to 1,200 G (along the axis) and vertical loads up to 600 G (perpendicular to the axis).

The use of TITAN 55 significantly speeds up the aiming process when shooting at close and medium distances. The sight is equipped with open adjustment drums. It has a wide elevation adjustment range of 55 MIL (189 MOA) whereas its windage adjustment range is 20 MIL (68 MOA).

The sight has 6 degrees of crosshair illumination brightness that can be changed using a convenient switch with distinct clicks, which allows the shooter not to be distracted while aiming. The crosshair has the shape of a dot.

The mounting mechanism of the collimator sight allows it to be mounted on any firearm equipped with a Picatinny rail.

On top and on the sides, the collimator body features a Picatinny rail for attaching additional equipment.

The battery is in a sealed compartment.


Барабан вертикальних поправок

Drum of vertical corrections

The step of one click on the scale of gross corrections in the vertical corresponds to 1 MIL, accurate - 0.1 MIL.

Барабан горизонтальних поправок

Drum of horizontal corrections

One step of the horizontal correction drum corresponds to 0.1 MIL.


Collimator sight

Open collimator sight. Specially designed for use with weapons caliber 12.7 × 108, .50BMG, 14.5 × 114.

Range of vertical corrections - 55 MIL, horizontal - 20 MIL Приціл коліматорний TITAN 55


Maximum magnification, х:1
Click value (1 click):1 MIL
Number of windage adjustments:20 MIL
Number of elevation adjustments:55 MIL
Crosshair color:Red
Eye relief, mm:Unlimited
Reticle type:Dot
Mounting seat:109 mm
Dimensions:150х115х110 mm
Mass870 g
Power source:1 CR2032 battery
Lens material:Glass
Body material:Aluminum alloy